About Our Trip

Once we've reached the edge of the Sahara a dromedary trek will be waiting for us to ride us into the Sahara. After a 1-hour ride we'll reach the Tuareg camp where we will be staying for 7 days.
We'll be living their lifestyle for the whole of our stay, getting to know their culture and habits and learn to understand how the manage to cope and survive in an environment as rough as the desert.
An experience not to be missed and unique in it's kind.

About the Sahara

The High Atlas mountain range marks the last frontier before crossing into the heart of old Morocco.
Here, amid the immeasurable silences of the pre-Sahara, is an all forgotten world of fortified villages, Berber castles and irrelevant Foreign Legion outposts. Once they were the all-important staging points on the camel routes that tied Marrakech to the great trading capitals of the Sahara with their gold and slaves from Timbuktou. It is an awesome land of breathtaking mountains through which the rivers Draa and Dades have driven two thin wedges of fertility, as enticing as any mirage.
The approach to the South is no less memorable.

The Sahara’s history blends with the history of mankind. Its rich minerals supplied a whole continent. A secret place, mysterious and tantalising. The expanse of sand and rock, the visions of mirages and cases all this makes the desert food of dreams. Place to meet the Tuareg, people of the Desert. Nomads, they are Muslims but distinct in their costumes. Tuareg women enjoy a freedom and status unheard of in the Muslim world. The Tuareg are one of the few matrilineal ethnic groups in West Africa.