About Our Trip

Back to the basics, the Cascades d’Ouzoud will be a very different adventure compared to the other stops of our journey.
For 5 days we’ll be living on a Moroccan camping site where you’ll have the choice between sleeping in a tent, a closed hut or under the open sky opposite the waterfall. Personally I prefer the last option. It’s recommended that you bring a sleeping bag for your own comfort.
During the day, discovering the local vegetation and wildlife, we will do long excursions into the landscape of the waterfall, bathing in its numerous basins along the way.
At night, to the light of candles we’ll eat the prepared meals, like Couscous or Tagines, from the charcoal grill listening to the noise of the waterfall and the locals singing and playing their drums.
This place is meant for you to relax. A real, authentic local Moroccan holiday.

About Ouzoud

The Cascades d'Ouzoud has become the most famous waterfalls of Morocco.
The area is quite impressive with a total of 100 metre fall. And in summer, it is most refreshing here. You arrive here by passing through the tiny village of Ouzoud. Before going down to the waterfall’s basins, you must have a first over the waterfalls.
An extremely beautiful spectacle not to be missed.

There are two ways down. On the left you’ll pass the many souvenir stalls, climbing down the stairs passing the many cafes. To the right you’ll walk over a labyrinth of bridges and then down the local almond cultivation until you’ll reach the main basin of the falls.
Personally I prefer the second way.
Once down there you’ll get the occasion to spot some Barbary apes.
Even at this point, the waterfalls have not come to an end. You will have to continues the descend, until you reach the natural pools. This is also the place where swimming is both possible and legal. Inbetween those pools an amazing landscape presents itself for beautiful excursions and trekking.

There are a huge amount of camping spaces and little stools where you can eat and drink as you go along.

The Cascades d’Ouzoud is the perfect place to have a holiday like the Moroccans do.