About Our Trip

Essaouira is an amazing place to visit.
On the Atlantic Ocean it has a beautiful beach and a fantastic, traditional fishing harbour.
For 5 nights we'll be staying at the very clean and cosy hotel Cap Sim. The bathrooms and toilets are shared but always in impeccable state.
In this traditional fisher's town we'll have a look at its most amazing harbour, where traditional wooden ships are still used for the daily fishing. We'll have some very healthy lunches along the seaside where the fish literally just has been caught.
Also we will visit the Ile de Mogador, an island opposite the coast were we'll do some recommended bird watching.
Seeing the sun set over the ocean from the huge Ramparts of the chateau is also on the program, as are some few chilled out visits to the beach.
Essaouira is a perfect place to buy souvenirs, as the town is worldly known for it's very skilled woodworks, which always are a great gift to bring back home.

About Essaouira

This town is the most popular of Morocco's coastal spots.

Planned by a French hostage in 1760, it is one of the most relaxed towns in Morocco.
Essaouira has a beautiful beach that curves for kilometres to the south and is know for its strong winds much loved by the visiting surfers.

Essentially dedicated to fishing, it is one of the liveliest areas of the town, especially during the return of the boats. Fish are sold by auction. Do not miss this spectacle. Enter the harbour by the customs post located at the top of the beach or by the Madne door. Wharfs are transformed from old naval yards. There you will see wooden boats under construction as you will never see anywhere else. Their shapes evoke ancient times.

Built by an English renegade the year 1184 the forts of the old city are a blend of Portuguese, French and Berber military architecture, and their massiveness lends a powerful mystique to the town. The Skala du Port, designed to protect the town's sea, has good views. The cannons pointed at the sea are decorated of Portuguese, Spanish and Flemish armouries.
It is in this astonishing scenery that Orson Welles filmed some scenes of his movie "Othello".

Essaouira "la Blanche" is also known for its woods. The city is the centre of the cabinetmakers' craft. Master craftsmen produce delicate Marquetery in lemon, cedar and sandalwood, preserving the character and aroma of these fine woods.